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The World’s most Liveable City is…

Michael O'Hare - May 3, 2009


So says Monocle Magazine. According to monocle:

“Copenhagen treats residents to a lifestyle that’s hard to match: manageable scale, a clean harbour for brisk dips and abundant green space. The development of the Metro system and a commitment to cycling makes urban navigation swift and seamless.

The Dane’s are hardier than me – personally I find the water around Malmo and Copenhagen freezing. But then, I’m from the south of England and not too tough.

But is Copenhagen as good as Monocle claim?

In my opinion, probably. I think Copenhagen is  a city for people and has a lot to offer.  Many other cities could learn a little from Copenhagen’s attitude to cycle paths, pedestrianised areas and great public squares. You can read about some of the ideas Copenhagen have had in my earlier article on Good Cities.

A pedestrianised square in Copenhagen

A pedestrianised square in Copenhagen

I’ve even heard that Copenhagen is officially safer than Malmo.  Given that I find it incredulous that crime even exists in Malmo (at least near where I live in Slottsstaden), I am quite impressed that Copenhagen can be safer.

What do you think? Is Copenhagen is the World’s most Liveable City?

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  1. Well, Vancouver is referred as #1 most livable city in the world by economist, and #4 most livable city in the world by mercer.

    Comment by John — January 3, 2010 @ 11:28 am

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