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How to make Good Cities

Michael O'Hare - April 14, 2009

Last week, I talked about Good Cities – a concept described by the Danish architect Jan Gehl. But just how do you make Good Cities?

Read some of my thoughts in the section how to make cities for people of my website. Interestingly (I think), Jan Gehl had a very different approach to the lightning fast method used by Jaime Lerner in Curitiba – discussed here.

Jan Gehl writes about the change that happened in Copenhagen on p.14 of the Adelaide study.  Over a 40 year period there was a step by step policy to turn the city from a car city to a city for people. But what made it all happen?

Public demand, increased fuel taxes and rising fuel costs all helped. The change in the main shopping street Stroget, went in four phases:

  1. The car phase
  2. The shopping phase
  3. The cultural phase
  4. The spatial identity phase

I really like the way Jan Gehl so clearly and simply shows us how to make our cities for people. If you have time, have a read of the document and let me know what you think below.

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